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BARBER, Samuel

Complete Songs (65 Songs)

BRITTEN, Benjamin

On this Island Op. 11 (5 songs, text by Auden)

Seven Sonnets of Michelangelo Op. 22 (7 songs, text by Michelangelo)

The Holy Sonnets of John Donne Op. 35 (9 songs, text by Donne)

Cabaret songs (4 songs, text by Auden)

Geistliche Lieder (5 songs from Bach)

Harmonia Sacra (5 songs from old composers)


Buenos Aires (Webber)

Don’y cry for me Argentina (Webber)

Grizabella: the glamour cat (Webber)

I’d be surprisingly good for you (Webber)

I don’t know how to love him (Webber)

Macavity: the mystery cat (Webber)

Memory (Webber)

Somewhere (Bernstein)